10 Things To Know Before Going To Norway

10 Things To Know Before Going To Norway

They Speak English. Their national language is Norwegian, but almost everyone speaks English. Out of respect, make sure you learn a few words in their language.

Norway In A Nutshell. This is one of the best ways to see parts of the country. You can make one purchase and everything will be planned for you.

It’s Not As Expensive As You Think. We kept hearing how expensive Norway is, but in all reality it is the same as New York or even London for that matter. If you are used to those prices, it won’t be any different to you.

You Can’t Take A Bad Picture. Literally every direction you turn it is a photo opportunity. Have your cameras ready.

Most Hotels Include Breakfast. Every buffet breakfast we had was amazing! There is something for everyone.

10 Things To Know Before Going To Norway

10 Things To Know Before Going To Norway

Try Reindeer If You Want To Eat Local. We didn’t try it, but reindeer was on every menu we saw. Go for it if you like local delicacies.

Pack Layers and Waterproof Boots. This is so important, even in the summer. The boots especially.

Prepare to Be Outside. Between the fjords, mountains, terrain, and snow there is so much to see outside in Norway. Plan some hikes and sightseeing.

Visit During The Summer. If you want to make the most of your time, visit Norway during the summer. It is light almost 24 hours straight, so you can do even more exploring.

The Currency Is Norwegian Krone. Right now the current USD exchange rate is $1 to 8.68 NOK

10 Things To Know Before Going To Norway

We loved our trip to Norway. It is an experience we will never forget. Make sure you head over to our YouTube channel to see our Travel Vlog, What We Packed, and the snacks we tried. While you are over there hit that subscribe button so you never miss a video!

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