5 Facts About Ashley


Hey Y’all! As promised, today you will be finding out 5 facts about Ashley that you wouldn’t know. I think things like this are really fun. They really help you to get to know someone on a more personal level. Here are 5 things about Ashley that I have learned over my past (almost) 23 years!

  • You can’t speak to her in the morning until she has had coffee. (You’ve been warned!)
  • She always can guess which celebrity is doing a voice over in a commercial.
  • She can read multiple books at a time and never get confused about story lines.
  • She can eat a whole jar of salsa in one sitting. It’s a special talent.
  • She always knows when it’s going to rain because she has a metal plate in her foot from surgery that gives off pain when the weather changes.


We hope you enjoyed this little series. We would love to share more unknown facts in the future!

Shelby xx


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