5 Facts About Shelby


Hey y’all! Hope you had a great weekend! We had a lazy weekend, which was long overdue. We watched lots of movies, caught up on some reading (side note- I just read The Martian and it was SO GOOD! Book review is coming soon), and made a trip to Target- all of our favorite things!

Now that we’ve been at this for a little while, we thought it would be fun to share a few fun facts about each other to help you guys get to know us a little better. These are just silly things that no one else would really know. Here are 5 facts about Shelby:

  • Shelby cannot take a shower without listening to music. Usually One Direction.
  • She gets really mad if you change the month on the calendar and don’t let her do it. Like, really mad.
  • She never goes barefoot inside and is always wearing socks or slippers.
  • She has to end every meal with a bite of something sweet.
  • She has the world’s smallest bladder and is constantly going to the bathroom.


Next week, Shelby will be sharing some fun facts about me. Be nice Shelby! 🙂

Ashley xx

P.S. We’re now on Snapchat! Follow us at “ashandshelbs”


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