5 Tips For Traveling Often

5 Tips For Traveling Often

Hey y’all! So Ash and I often get asked how we are able to travel so frequently during the year. We are very fortunate that we can, but we have it down to a science so we can travel often, but on a budget. We thought we would share our 5 tips for traveling often so you too can travel just as much as we do.

      1. Buy flights during flash sales

This is a huge game changer! We just bought two European flights for next year for less than $400 round trip! That is pretty much unheard of. Norweigian Airlines sale just ended, but JetBlue and United do them often as well. Keep an eye out because these sales are amazing. Southwest has great domestic prices year round.

      2. Rack up points with airlines

This is an amazing way to book flights. If you don’t buy your flight through a flash sale, make sure you are frequently flying the same airline so you can rack up those miles. Look into which airlines are partners as well so you are adding points to the same account.

      3. Plan a detailed itinerary

This is a game changer for us. Before we actually book anything we plan a detailed itinerary so we can see exactly how much it is going to cost. I have a spreadsheet with tons of future trips that is constantly updated with changing prices. This is also helpful because you can account for every expense you will have on the trip.

      4. Rent an Apartment instead of hotel

This is something that we love doing. Whenever we go somewhere we like to feel like a local. The pros of renting an apartment is that you get a kitchen so you can cook. Eating out in a lot of places can be very expensive. Going to a grocery store in a foreign country is honestly the best way to learn about culture. It’s a win win.

      5. Bring Snacks and Water

If you pack snacks and a reusable water bottle, you can save a huge amount of money. All of those little pit stops add up. Remember that when you are on a trip you are walking and more active than you usually are, so pack snacks accordingly. Unless you are going to a remote country, there will be a place with clean water that you can fill up a water bottle.

Traveling is our passion, and we are so thankful that we get to travel like we do. We hope that you can use our tips so you can learn to be a better traveler as well. If you haven’t seen them check out our travel vlogs, and our flying tips below!


5 Tips For Traveling Often



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