7 Mugs You Need Right Now

Happy Friday everyone! We couldn’t be more glad that this week is almost over. Hopefully we can all start fresh on Monday and move on to the holiday season which is full of thankfulness and cheer. In an effort to boost your mood, from one mug obsessed girl to another, I thought I would share some mugs that you NEED in your life! Like, for real! These are just to good to pass up!

7 Mugs You Need

Because what goes better with coffee than donuts!?

7 Mugs You Need

Because watching the Gilmore Girls reboot is not complete without a Luke’s Diner Mug.

7 Mugs You Need

Because this sloth is so dang cute and you don’t even need an explanation!

7 Mugs You Need

Because “How You Doin?”

7 Mugs You Need

Sometimes you just have these days!

7 Mugs You Need

Because we are all badass girl bosses!

7 Mugs You Need

Because nothing is cuter than a Christmas mug!

Have y’all seen any mugs lately that you have been loving? We’d love to see! Also, welcome to mugs anonymous! 🙂

-Shelbs xx


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