7 Travel Photography Tips

If you love to travel like us, you will know that in this day and age the photos you take are highly important. Whether you want to post them on your Instagram, your blog, or just want to have the memories for yourself, taking the time to take well thought out photos can turn your trip from drab to fab. Today I am sharing with you 7 travel photography tips that can make or break your trip!

Lighting. The biggest think you need to remember when taking photos is the lighting. It’s obvious that a photo taken in the dark is not going to turn out. Make sure you are using natural light for your photos whenever possible. It makes a huge difference.

Golden Hour. Along with lighting, golden hour is the BEST time to take your photos. Golden Hour is the very first hour after the sun rises and the very last hour before the sun sets – and it’s a photographer’s favorite time of day!

7 Travel Photography Tips

Colors. Some of the best travel photos we have taken have been when the subject was full of colors. This isn’t always the case, but vibrancy can make for some awesome photos.

7 Travel Photography Tips

7 Travel Photography Tips

Wait For The Moment. This can be tricky, and also takes some patience. If you have the time, stop and really think about the shot. This doesn’t mean to avoid capturing other people in your photos. You actually might want others in them. It can show the true culture of the place you are visiting. You just don’t want it to be too crowded.

Edit. Editing makes a HUGE difference in your photos. If the photo was taken well, you don’t need to do a lot to it besides brighten it up. We edit almost all of our photos in A Color Story.

7 Travel Photography Tips

Candid Moments. Candid photos can truly show the emotions and happiness of what is happening on your trip. Try and capture as many as you can.

Use Rule of Thirds. If you have an iPhone, add the grid to your camera. When framing a photo, you want to place the subject where the lines cross on the grid. The framing of a photo is very important. This can completely change the outcome of the photo.

7 Travel Photography Tips

If you apply all of these tips your travel photography will improve drastically. Tag us in your travel photos with the hashtag #ATBTravels We would love to see!

-Shelbs xx

*All of our photos are taken on our iPhone 7 Plus, or our Canon G7X. You don’t need a DSLR to take fantastic photos.

Check out how you can improve your iPhone photography skills here and here.

7 Travel Photography Tips


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