• Chelsea

    Love this! My husband and I love visiting new cities. (we stick to the US, bc not very ready budget wise to travel farther). This may be a stupid question…but #6 -how do you figure out when is the off season for particular cities? 🙂

  • Thanks so much! Traveling is the best isn’t it!? What’s your favorite city to travel to in the US!? One of the biggest factors for off season is weather. If it’s the dead of winter, it’s most likely off season. If you want to go skiing wait until the very end of skiing season. If you plan on going to the Caribbean, the off season is summer. Usually more people travel there during the winter months. For someplace like Iceland the off season is actually summer not winter because the Northern Lights show up during the winter. There are a lot of things to consider when figuring out the off season, but you can usually figure it out pretty quickly. Happy Traveling! -Shelbs

  • Great points! I am curious, have you ever traveled in the off-season and missed out on something? I think it would be great to travel to experience the culture itself, but at the same time, I would hate to go somewhere and miss out on the season-specific activities (skiing, certain festivals, for example).

    I look forward to hearing about this from your perspective!

  • That’s a great point. But it really depends on what your priorities are for the trip. Obviously, if you want to ski, you wouldn’t go during the off season. When deciding when to travel, research the specific activities you want to be sure to do, so you can plan your travel accordingly.