8 Things To Know Before Going To Las Vegas

8 Things To Know Before Going To Las Vegas

Between Ashley and I, we have been to Las Vegas quite a few times. Today we thought we would share a few of our tips that we have picked up over the years. Vegas is such a fun city, and can really cater to all ages. 

It is Kid Friendly. I have been to Vegas twice as a kid, so I can definitely vouch for this. There are plenty of activities for kids. You can head to M&M World, walk around the streets of NYC in New York New York, ride the canals in the Venetian, and even let them meet all of their favorite celebrities at Madame Tussauds.

You can’t walk from hotel to hotel. Well, you can but it’s hot and a long walk. You should stay in a hotel that is closer to the activities you want to do. There are some monorails and bridges that connect certain hotels, as well as an abundance of cabs. 

Book Neon Museum Tickets In Advance. The Neon Museum is our favorite thing we have done in Vegas, but you need to book your tickets in advance. They sell out quickly 

8 Things To Know Before Going To Las Vegas

There are plenty of free things to do. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in Vegas. Walking through every hotel is free, as well as some of the shows they do. The Bellagio fountains, the Mirage fire show, the Treasure Island pirate show. These are also perfect for kids as well. 

There is always somewhere to eat. Everywhere you turn there is somewhere to eat. You can’t go to Vegas without eating at a buffet for at least one meal, but there are fantastic restaurants all around. You won’t be disappointed. 

Head Down To Fremont Street. This past trip was our first time to Fremont Street, and we had so much fun. It’s a much different vibe than the strip. You have to go down their to experience it once. If you are a daredevil you can even do the zip line just like I did. 

8 Things To Know Before Going To Las Vegas

The Pools Are Crowded. To me, I don’t go to Vegas for the pools. They are very crowded, and you really can’t do anything but stand in the water with a drink. If that is your thing, then go for it!

Cirque Du Soleil Shows Are Worth It. I’m serious! They are so worth it. I have seen O and Love! They both blew me away! Ash and I also had a backstage tour of KA and it looked amazing. You can even take the kids!

8 Things To Know Before Going To Las Vegas

Plan your Las Vegas trip with our tips and you are bound to have a fantastic time. To see everything that we did in detail, watch our Travel Vlog and read our Travel Diary!

Happy Weekend!

-Shelbs xx

8 Things To Know Before Going To Las Vegas


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