Welcome to As Told By! We’re Ashley and Shelby Dunn aka Ash and Shelbs. We’re sisters and we currently live in New York City but we were born and raised in Texas. Together we own As Told By, a lifestyle website focused on providing inspiration for your daily life while sharing a piece of ours.

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Ashley Dunn, Co-Founder        

Hang on, brb, Starbucks run…

Ok, i’m back! Now where were we? Oh right, all about me-

I graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Fashion Design and Business. I currently live in Manhattan and work in the fashion industry. I watch waaay too much TV, love red wine, brunch, and anything to do with the British royal family. 

Favorite Snack: Popcorn
Favorite TV Show: Old- Gilmore Girls, New- Scandal
Celebrity Crush: Ryan Reynolds 
Favorite Musician: Currently loving anything by Ed Sheeran 
Favorite Place I’ve Ever Traveled: London, England
Currently Obsessed With: Pinterest
Guilty Pleasure: Watching The Bachelor with Shelby

Shelby Dunn, Co-Founder

But really, just call me Shelbs. We are all friends here right? I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising Management from The Fashion Institute of Technology here in Manhattan. I’m addicted to pizza and coffee, I listen to my music way too loud, and I’ve never met a cupcake I haven’t liked. I love to travel and have studied abroad in Europe. On any given day you’ll find me listening to One Direction, eating Mexican food, and online shopping.

Favorite Snack: Spoonful of vanilla almond butter
Favorite TV Show: Friends
Celebrity Crush: Harry Styles
Favorite Musician: Sam Smith, The 1975 & James Bay
Favorite Place I’ve Ever Traveled: Scottish Highlands
Currently Obsessed With: French bulldogs
Guilty Pleasure: Watching YouTube videos 24/7

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