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Ash, Al, Shelbs

Do you want to know Beyoncé’s warm-up ritual before she performs on the Grammy’s? Do you want to know Queen Elizabeth’s morning shower playlist? Do you want to know Marnie’s favorite cereal? Well…I’ve got news for YOU! I don’t know any of the answers to those questions, but I do know what it’s like to live with Ash & Shelbs! Just as good right?!

Allix Cott

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Allix, and I am a gluten free, cookie-loving rebel (those are gluten filled cookies btw), otherwise known as Ash & Shelbs’ third roommate, or as most people call me, amazeballs. Totes just kidding. Maybe.

Living with Ash & Shelbs is as glorious as living inside of a pumpkin marshmallow scented candle, probably because we always have at least 12 lit, no matter what the season. Shelbs has been my best friend for over three years, and the journey we have experienced so far as been so much better together than it would have ever been alone. Living together has been one of the greatest adventures of my life.

Here is a breakdown of the dangerous duo through my eyes!

Allix & Ashley

Ash and AlAshley:

Being 22 going on 2, I look up to Ashley for her endless knowledge and effortless style. Ashley is like a wise Buddha who always has all of the answers and always has a full glass of wine. A true idol. Ash is as patient as she is stylish, inspiring me from head-to-toe everyday with her Pinterest worthy outfits and Kendra dangled earrings. Her patience is often tested when I ask anything and everything that comes to my mind. No matter what the question, like, “How much toothpaste can you eat before you die?” (Spoiler Alert: The answer is A LOT) she is always kind, and honest with her response. A trait that is much appreciated by a lifelong kindergartner like myself.

Another trait about Ash that most people don’t know is that she is the most polite eater on the planet. No matter what the dish, her approach to eating always resembles that of a graceful ballerina with a straight back, dainty arms, and elegantly sensible chewing. I have never seen anything like it. Ashley is the only person I would send to represent humanity if ever invited to dine with the Queen. Shelbs and I would be too busy looking in the Queen’s pantry to see if she had Fruit Roll-Ups. True story.

Shelbs & Al

Shelbs & AlShelbs:

Take me; add some patience, Converse, and incredible insight and you have my best friend Shelby Amanda. To describe Shelbs is by comparing her to the Harry Potter series (just go with me here), she is full of magic, and gets more sensational with every chapter. She also has seven horcruxes hidden around the world, but that’s another post. Shelbs and I have been to over five countries together and over one million concerts, an accurate calculation. Shelbs is the only person I could share in dating the same five boys, all headed in one direction, and the only person who listens to Christmas music earlier than me. She is always prepared with snacks on an afternoon outing and needs coffee as urgently as I do. Shelbs is much like my heart, always there, and always needed.

Al, Shelbs, Ash

Shelbs & Ash are the sisters I never had, and the sisters I never knew I needed.

 I hope this gives some insight into the chic lives of Ash & Shelbs, and their pal Al.

Love y’all!


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