The Autumn Wardrobe I’m Dreaming Of

The Autumn Wardrobe I'm Dreaming Of

It is no secret that Ashley and I’s favorite season is fall. For so many reasons it just makes me so so happy! Give me pumpkin scented everything, crunchy leaves, and whipped cream covered beverages and I’m happy. I also LOVE fall clothing. It is seriously the best, and makes me feel the most comfortable. Booties and big sweaters mixed with a blanket scarf is my go to, but there are so many awesome trends popping up this season that make me really happy.

I have been browsing online for the past few weeks putting together everything that I want to purchase and add to my autumn wardrobe. It’s about time I shared that with y’all so you can pick up a few things yourselves. I currently am having my second cup of my mom’s famous spiced tea, while listening to Mumford & Sons to really get me into the fall spirit. So grab some for yourself and, happy shopping!


I have never been a big dress person, but I find myself being pulled towards them this year. Especially a midi floral dress like this one. I can’t wait to throw on some tights and booties with this swing dress and play around in the leaves.
Sweaters & Tops:

I always reach for a boyfriend flannel shirt like this one during the fall. If I’m not wearing a flannel, I definitely have a comfy sweater on like this one. They are both so comfy and perfect for snuggling by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.


Midi skirts have been making a huge comeback lately, and let me tell you I am so into it. I can’t wait to pair this one with a sweater to turn it from dressy to casual.


Shoes are one of my favorite items to buy. I just love them. These booties are a steal, as well as this little velvet number from Madewell.


I’m trying to make myself a cardigan person this year, and I think that this one will do the trick. Vests are also making a comeback, and this light one looks awesome for the early fall days.


During those cool autumn days you will always see me with a scarf like this one. Hats like this one are also perfect for accessorizing!
The Autumn Wardrobe I'm Dreaming Of
Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into everything I have been lusting over for the fall. Revamping your wardrobe is so fun and cleansing, especially at the beginning of a new season.
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In addition to some of these new items I will most definitely be buying, I just inherited a very special item of clothing from my Grandpa. You can read all about it over here!
-Shelbs xx

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