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Best Of Our YouTube Channel

I will always first and foremost see myself as a writer. Typing along on a keyboard and finding the words to express myself will always be my first love in this crazy blogger world. But I have to admit, I’ve also really grown to love creating video content. And while I don’t necessarily love being in front of the camera, I’ve become much more comfortable with it over the past two years that we’ve been creating videos. I’m much more of a behind the scenes gal. I’ve always thought I would make a good TV show producer. In fact it’s one of my dreams to shadow a producer or director for a day on set. Just putting that out there in the world :). You guys may or may not be aware, but we have a YouTube channel where we post videos every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon. Shelby recently shared some of her favorite YouTubers, but I thought it would be fun to share some of OUR most popular videos. So I’ve rounded up the best of our YouTube videos for you!

Norway Travel Vlog
I’m not surprised that our most viewed travel vlog is from our trip to Norway last year. Apart from Iceland, it’s one of our favorite trips we’ve ever done. Personally, these are my favorite videos to film. I love documenting the place we are visiting and all of the activities we get up to. They are like mini home movies, and I know I’ll be so glad to have these videos someday to look back on. Our travel vlogs are far and away our most popular videos overall. To catch up on all of our travels you can watch our travel playlist here
Autumn Clothing Haul
We love sharing our clothing and beauty hauls with you guys! This video from last fall was so fun to film! From clothing, to beauty, to candles our hauls are focused on attainable budget friendly products that we love and use and want to share. I always love seeing what other people are buying, which must be why these videos are always so popular, because you like it too! To catch up on all of our hauls you can watch our haul playlist here
What We Ate In A Day
Every month we pick a day and chronicle what we eat. They basically all follow the same format, starting with as soon as we wake up all the way until we go to bed, showing you the latest snacks we’ve found or recipes we are trying. These videos are fun, informal, vlog style videos. If you watched our health and wellness update, you know that we drastically changed up our diets starting this year, so if you want to keep up with what we are eating you can watch this playlist
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