C Is For Cozy

c is for cozy

Happy Friday! 

I don’t know about you guys, but with the holiday’s approching I have cozy style on the brain. There is nothing I love more than comfy basics. I’m already looking forward to changing into sweatpants after Thanksgiving dinner next week, and curling up in my grandfather’s leather recliner to watch a movie with the fam. With the tempatures dropping outside, we start spending a lot more time inside catching up on our Netflix queue. (Side note- have you watched The Crown yet?? It’s SO GOOD!) I tend to gravite towards neautral colors, losts of cream and gray, like this sweater, this pom pom throw, or these cozy socks

Top: Gray Beanie | Bell Sleeve Sweater | Fur Lined Slippers | Striped Robe

Middle: Pom Pom Throw | Gray Drapey Coat | Off-Shoulder Tunic | Wink Gloves | Fleece Lined Socks

Bottom: Striped PJ’s | Gray Moccasins | Checkered Scarf


What’s your favorite cozy item?

-Ash xx


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