My Current Favorite Cookbooks

It is no secret that Ashley and I love cooking. We love having a night in with a good meal. The only difference between us is that Ash is very creative when it comes to cooking, and I am not. I look to different cookbooks every single day for inspiration on meal planning. So today I thought I would share my current favorite cookbooks that I have been absolutely loving.

My Current Favorite Cookbooks

The Forest Feast : Gatherings

If you don’t want to cook out of this book at least get it for the decor. The photos are so pretty. This whole book focuses on the menus for when you throw small gatherings. It’s not limited to that though. You can pick and choose the recipes to adapt to a smaller crowd.

My Current Favorite Cookbooks

The Homesick Texan

I don’t think this needs an explanation, but here we go. I am a homesick Texan. At least for the food I am. Tex Mex is a food group that should be required to be eaten every single day. Queso, Enchiladas, Kolaches, and soapaipila. You’re all set!

My Current Favorite Cookbooks

Minimalist Baker: Everyday Cooking

I have talked about this cookbook so much. I have tried so many recipes out of here and I just love them all. If you have any food allergies this is the cookbook for you. The Thai Peanut Burgers are fantastic!

My Current Favorite Cookbooks

The Lavender Cookbook

I picked up this book at a farmers market in Los Angeles. I’m obsessed with lavender. I use it every day in various ways, and this cookbook is the perfect way to incorporate it. It’s split up into seasons, and let me tell you I will be trying every single one of those Fall recipes.

My Current Favorite Cookbooks

The Mac & Cheese Cookbook

I mean, how could I have a post and not include this!? The concept is simple, but the flavors are not. The sriracha mac recipe is a personal favorite of mine.

What cookbooks have y’all been loving lately? Let us know in the comments below.

Shelbs xx

My Current Favorite Cookbooks


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  • Chelsea

    Thanks for the cook book ideas!!! I might not cook at all (the husband’s job)…much safer for everyone that I don’t cook. But….I do love cook books and finding new recipes for him to make 🙂 I am always getting recipe’s on pinterest, but I love the idea of physical cookbooks (guess I am old school and have a paper planner also).

  • We are old school too! We get so excited to get a new planner, and new cookbooks! Hope you find some great inspiration in these books! 🙂 Happy your husband! 😉