My Favorite Cozy Sweatshirts

Let’s Talk About Uniforms

My Favorite Cozy Sweatshirts

Do you guys have a uniform? You know, like that one outfit that you feel good in, is comfortable, and that you can throw on at the drop of a hat when you’re trying to get out of the house? My uniform these days consists of a cozy sweatshirt, jeans, and booties or converse sneakers. This is my go to outfit for everything- running to the grocery store, traveling, or just hanging out around the house. I just love a good cozy sweatshirt. We snapped these photos while we were recently in Charleston. In case you missed it, be sure to check out our travel diary and our travel vlog!

I think it’s really important to develop a uniform for yourself. Some people prefer to do capsule wardrobes seasonally for this reason. While I don’t do that, at least not yet, having those go to pieces that I know I can count on makes getting dressed a breeze. I can throw on any combination of the items in my uniform without a second thought, and I know I’ll look good and more importantly feel good. 

My Favorite Cozy Sweatshirts
My Favorite Cozy Sweatshirts

They are my number one go to airplane outfit item, especially on a long haul or overnight flight. We are both wearing one on our overnight flight to Paris here and I wore one again on our overnight flight to London here (where we saw Kate Middleton and she waved and smiled at me so I’m pretty sure that meant she approved of my outfit!) 🙂 But I don’t just wear them on planes. I’m wearing a sweatshirt here, here, and here. I love these sweatshirts specifically because they don’t obviously scream “look I’m wearing a sweatshirt!” I like these graphic ones but these plain ones are very versatile. 

I recently picked up this one, and was excited to wear it last Sunday when we were in Charleston. It was a very cold and rainy day, and this cheeky cozy Sunday sweatshirt was the perfect thing to wear, I was so glad I had packed it. 


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