Favorite YouTubers & Bloggers From 2017

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Favorite YouTubers & Bloggers From 2017

Just like Ashley is obsessed with podcasts, I am obsessed with YouTube videos. One of the things that helps Ashley and I work so well together is our different interests. Although, a couple weeks ago I was listening to podcasts back to back and she was sitting down watching YouTube videos. I never thought I would see that day. Back in 2012 during my obsessive One Direction phase I got into watching videos. I would spend all night watching every video of Harry Styles I could find. When I watched all of them, and I mean literally every single one I started branching out into other things. I discovered that people were posting videos of DIY’s, recipes, beauty tutorials, fashion hauls, and even “vlogs” of their lives. From the first video I was hooked! I’m kind of a nosy person, so this little insight into people’s lives were awesome to me! I thought I would share with you the YouTuber’s I love and that I think you should be watching! As well as our channel of course! 😉

Tanya Burr. I am 99.9% sure that Tanya was the first YouTuber I ever saw a video of. I’m not sure how I found her, but regardless I’m glad I did. She’s so relatable in so many ways for me. I have the same body type as her, so her fashion choices always work amazing for me. Her beauty recommendations are amazing as well. She has now written several books, has a successful makeup and beauty line, and is now pursuing an acting career. She still uploads regularly, and I look forward to every video she posts. 

Zoella. This one is probably a cliche, but I don’t care. I believe I found out about Zoe Sugg on the same night I found Tanya. All the way back in 2012. I’m not even sure she had 100,000 subscribers yet. She still lived at home with her dad outside of Bath. She was still relatively small and unknown. Nothing like she is today. My favorite part about Zoe is that she is so relatable. Every video I watch I’m like we are seriously the same exact person. Her vlogs are my ultimate favorite! They are usually 30-40 min long, and I like to watch them right before bed. 

PointlessBlog. Currently Alfie is Zoella’s boyfriend, but has turned into a very savvy business mogul over the past 6 years. I started watching him before “Zalfie” was even a thing. Again, I feel like I’m very like minded with him, and I really appreciate his hard work and diligence. He is a daily vlogger which I highly commend! I honestly don’t know how he does it. Even when we were filming our weekly vlogmas I found it difficult to have enough things to film, and he does it every single day. 

SacconeJoly’s. I found out about this Irish family through Zoella. They are daily vloggers as well, and I’m pretty sure I have been watching them since 2014. They are just your average family, but they also remind me of my family. They have three kids, Emilia, Eduardo, and Alessia which is the same as our family (girl, boy, girl). I can imagine that if vlogging was a thing when I was growing up, this would have been my family!

Niomi Smart. I love watching Niomi’s videos when I need a health and wellness kick for myself. She is in great shape, does amazing workouts, and eats a plant based diet. She is also a very calming source when it comes to the brashness that is YouTube. She goes on some amazing trips, and from what I can tell just an all around great person. 

Amelia Liana. I only started watching Amelia recently, but I have grown to really enjoy her content. Her vlogs especially. Her fashion and beauty favorites are a little more high end than I am used to spending, but it is fun to watch and be a little aspirational! Again, like so many of the others she is really relatable. I think that is key to being successful on YouTube. 

The Anna Edit. Anna is what minimalist dreams are made of. If I can one day be just like her I will be a very happy camper. Everything she recommends I love and purchase most of the time. She is just so down to earth, lives a healthy lifestyle, but isn’t afraid to eat the 5 cookies we all want after dinner! I feel like we could be total BFF’s!

Are you seeing a theme here!? hahahaha They are all British!, but if you know me at all, you know it’s my dream to move back there. So right now I have to live my life vicariously through them!

Favorite YouTubers & Bloggers From 2017
Favorite YouTubers & Bloggers From 2017

Now, for those of you that don’t like watching videos, here are a couple of bloggers that I religiously follow! Some of them have YouTube channels as well, but I read their blog more than watch their videos!

Poppy Deyes. She is Alfies’ (PointlessBlog) sister, but she stand out on her own. Her blog is to die for. Poppy’s style and aesthetic is everything I dream of. She also has great fashion sense, and tons of amazing beauty recommendations. Don’t even get me started on her interior style as well. It’s amazing!

Kate La Vie. I’ve just recently discovered Kate, and I immediately fell in love with her blog. Just like Poppy, I really love her aesthetic. It’s very inspiring. She is so down to earth, and I feel like she is so relatable. 

The Stripe. Grace lives in New York just like us, so we find ourselves really loving everything that she does and blogs about. She has great recommendations for fashion, books, and even NYC! She’s just like us, which is why we love her blog!

I love reading posts like this, because I’m able to discover things and bloggers that I never knew about before. We also love supporting other women and men in this industry. We feel like the blogging world has become such a contest, so we just want to support others so we can get away from that competition atmosphere! It’s plain and simple. If you like someone, and enjoy what they are doing, support them! 

Hope you have a great weekend!

-Shelbs xx

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