Getting Some Headspace

Because Mental Health Is The Most Important Health

Getting Some Headspace

A new year always starts a revolution of health & wellness. This was a good year because Monday the 1st landed on a Monday. It was a perfect way to start the new year on a fresh note. We are talking a lot about health and overall wellness this month, but to me the most important thing is mental health. This is the root of your wellbeing, and will really set you on track. I have suffered with anxiety for years now, but that is actually something I haven’t opened up a ton to you guys about. I would totally be willing to make a video talking about it if that is something you guys would be interested in. I’m in a really great place right now, so I wanted to share some of the things I do to get me in a clear headspace. Even though it may look like it, no one has their shit together all the time. It’s 100% okay if you don’t We are all learning and growing at our own pace. You do you, and you own it! 

Listen to music

Music has always spoken to me. Certain songs can calm me down instantly and put me in a really happy place. Any time I start to feel a little anxious or uneasy, I go in my room by myself. Then I put in my headphones, lay down, and relax. That can be so healing and beneficial to me almost instantly. My heart rate drops back down, and I can feel a smile coming back onto my face. Maybe it’s not music for you. Maybe its tv, or seeing a friend, or cooking a nice meal. Whatever your vice is, do it, and do it as soon as you feel yourself getting anxious. 

Head to the gym

Okay Okay. Maybe not the gym, but at least get a sweat on. If all you can do is go on a 20 minute walk, you own that walk and you do it everyday! Walking is one of nature’s best ways of exercising. Try out yoga (I’m telling you it changed my life) or head to a pilates or spin class. Whatever it is you can physically handle, just do it! You will thank yourself later when you have a rush of endorphins. 


When you hear the word meditation, does it scare you? It used to scare me a little bit. I wasn’t sure what exactly it meant. Meditation is something that is very personal, and you can execute it exactly how you want. Some people recite mantra’s, some just breathe, and some use it as a technique for relaxing. There are tons of apps out there like Headspace, Calm, and Yoga Studio that can really help you refine your meditation practice if you aren’t comfortable doing it on your own. I personally love using the meditation on Yoga Studio. To me it is just solely relaxing and helps me to clear my head, even if I just do it for ten minutes. 

Do What Makes You Happy

This is the simplest one, but also the hardest. We all find ourselves trying to make others around us happy, but neglecting ourselves in the process. There is nothing wrong with creating a great environment with your friends and family and creating happiness, but you have to create your own happiness as well. I strive to do at least 10 things a week that make me happy, and do 5 things every week that makes someone else happy. The world needs more happiness, so do your part to spread it within yourself!

Getting Some Headspace

What are your favorite ways to get some headspace for yourself? I’m always looking for new ways to improve my health! Share them all in the comments below!

-Shelbs xx

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