Holiday Gift Guide | For The Traveler

All of The Things Your Traveler Wants

Holiday Gift Guide | For The Traveler

This was the gift guide that I was most excited to put together! I truly want everything that is on this list. Everything is perfect for anyone who loves to travel, or even wants to start traveling. You feel so much better when you have some awesome accessories and organizational pieces that help your travels go as smooth as possible. So without further adieu, here is our gift guide for the traveler!

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  1. Weekender Bag– We love all Madewell bags, but this one in particular really take the cake! Ashley has one and pretty much takes it on every trip we go on. It’s sturdy and will last you for years to come. Don’t forget that you can get it monogrammed!
  2. Luggage Tag & Passport Holder– Every chic traveler has a luggage tag and a passport holder. Protect your passport with this leather one, and easily identify your luggage with the matching bag tag. This particular set will stand out, but is still very classy. 
  3. The Bucket List Adventures– This book is sure to give you all of the inspiration you need to plan your future travels. It makes a great coffee table book, and can be a great topic of conversation when you have guests over.
  4. Makeup Case– I live and breathe by this makeup case. It is a bit pricey, but TOTALLY worth it! It holds all of the makeup I need and keeps everything nice and clean. It’s sturdy, a great leather, and of course it has my name on it! 🙂
  5. Calpak Carry On Suitcase– Our new years resolution is to carry on our luggage on as many trips as we can this year. It saves money and makes traveling to much easier. This suitcase is perfect for anyone who loves to carry on
  6. Wireless Headphones– I call these Ashley’s DJ headphones, but they are truly really great! They are noise cancelling, so perfect to drown out the airplane noise. They do have a high price tag, but in my opinion are absolutely worth it! 
  7. Leather Duck Boots– Ashley and I both put these on our Christmas wish list this year. These boots are perfect for hiking! *hint hint we will need these on one of our trips this year! 🙂 We have sorel snow boots, so we are so excited for this version!
  8. Coffee Thermos– If you love outdoors and coffee this is the perfect gift for you. This would have been perfect for our trip to the teepee a few weeks ago! We could even use it on some of our 2018 trips! 
  9. Zip Backpack– We both have Everlane backpacks and love them so much! The first trip we took them on was to Iceland, and I never travel without mine. A backpack is a must for a frequent traveler! This one is affordable and will match pretty much any outfit.
  10. Solar Portable Charger– Everyone needs a portable charger, especially one that is solar powered. This is great for the environment and will keep your devices fully charged during all of your travels. 
  11. Carry On Cocktail Kit- This cocktail kit is perfect for your inflight experience. All you need is the hard stuff from your flight attendant and then you are good to go. Choose from all different flavors, but we definitely recommend this one!
  12. World Traveler Sticker Patch– To decorate your new backpack, or your favorite denim jacket, these sticker patches are perfect to let everyone know that you are a world traveler. Who knows, they might even spark a conversation with a stranger!
  13. Leather Travel Case Set– Just like your suitcase, you need a nice set of bags to keep your toiletries and small stuff safe. These leather bags are perfect for on the go. These cute little bags will keep everything put together in your bag. 
  14. Inflatable travel Wine Bag– Are you a wine lover like us!? These bags are perfect for transporting wine home from Napa or Italy! Any fragile item or bottle will work as well. You can travel home knowing that your valuables will not break. 
  15. Scratch Travel Journal– This travel journal is perfect for the ones who like to keep everything in one place. You can plan your whole trip and scratch off where you have been all inside the journal. It’s perfect for the visual learner!
  16. Silk Sleep Mask– We love eye masks, especially when traveling. It’s sometimes hard to sleep when you are in a new place. This mask will take you off to a tranquil land where there is no need to count sheep! Wear it on the plane and the flight will be over before you know it!
  17. Portable Charger– When traveling, especially for a long time, a portable charger is a must. You will be taking all of your pictures on your phone and checking your maps. You definitely don’t want your phone to run out of charge. 
  18. Travel Mask Collection– One of our favorite things to do when traveling is face masks in our hotel room. We love Peter Thomas Roth, and these travel sized face mask bottles are perfect to throw in your toiletry bag for your trip. Your skin is likely to get dehydrated when you travel, so use this to freshen up!
  19. Universal Power Adapter– If you are a frequent international traveler you know you will need a different power adaptor for pretty much every country. How nice would it be to have all of that in one device!? This adapter is exactly what you need if you are going internationally anytime soon!
  20. Flight Fitness Kit– If you like a good workout on a daily basis, this travel fitness kit is for you. This kit allows you to get a full workout in your hotel room. It’s just like bringing a gym on your travels with you!
  21. Go Clean Bag Set– This set of bags will help you keep all of your things organized in your suitcase. You can put in your shoes, keep your dirty laundry separate, and keep some miscellaneous little things together. Trust me, bags during your travels are a lifesaver!


What are your favorite travel brands!? Let us know down below! 

-Shelbs xx

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