Holiday Pajama Round Up

One of Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

Holiday Pajama Round Up

Every year Ashley, our mom and I get matching Christmas pajamas. Usually we get them from Victoria’s Secret, but Ashley and mom would love to branch out and do something different. I don’t like change, and I usually win. The funny thing is that I actually buy multiple christmas pajamas every year, I just like our matching ones to come from Victoria’s Secret. How weird am I!? We get them when they offer free slippers with your purchase which is such a great deal. 

Holiday Pajama Round Up
Holiday Pajama Round Up

I just love pajamas in general, but during the holidays I feel like everyone steps up their game. There is never a shortage of great pajama options. From Nordstrom, to Asos, to Target there are so many affordable options. Today I have rounded up all of my favorites into categories for you to make browsing so much easier! Just click on them to shop! 

Classic Style



Onesies & Robes

Slippers & Socks


Holiday Pajama Round Up

Velvet has made a huge comeback this year. I can’t wait to get my hands on this pair. Nordstrom Lingerie has some amazing options as well. Ash and I have these in several different colors. They are so soft and comfortable. If you watch any of our YouTube videos, you will usually find me in my robe in the morning…or all day. I think it is time for an upgrade, and I think this is the perfect one. 

What is your favorite holiday tradition? We have so many, but our matching pajamas is definitely at the top of our list. We also LOVE baking christmas cookies, and our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at iHop! Leave us a comment and let us know, or message us on Instagram! We love experiencing others’ traditions!

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-Shelbs xx

Holiday Pajama Round Up

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