How We Plan Our Trips

How We Plan Our Trips

{Snowshoeing in Norway}

After we have found our travel inspiration, and have decided on a destination, it’s time to plan out the trip. Obviously there are many ways to go about this, but as frequent travelers we have developed a process that works for us, so we thought we would share some tips on how we plan our trips. 

The first thing we do is start a dedicated Pinterest board for our destination. For example, we are currently in London, and when we decided to travel here, we started this England board where we could gather resources specific to this destination. 

From there, we make a list of all the places we want to go. We include attractions, tourist spots, museums, restaurants, etc. Then we’ll pin all of those locations on a map on google maps. This allows us to easily see what things are grouped together, so that we can efficiently plan out a logistical itinerary. This is really the most important part. When traveling, you have such a limited amount of time in that destination, and you generally want to be able to see as much as possible, so you want to be sure you are grouping things together in a way that makes the most of your time. The above map includes all of the places we are planning on visiting during our London trip. You’re getting a little sneak peek! 🙂

How We Plan Our Trips

{Paris, France}


Then we plan out a rough itinerary. We generally don’t have every second of every day planned out, but we usually have 3-4 specific things in mind for the day. If there are items on the list that require specific times, like a tour, show, or dinner reservation, then we start with those items for the day and fit in other things around those times. Make sure you check the hours for everything you want to do. There is nothing worse than showing up somewhere only to find it closed. It’s good to also keep in mind the travel time between destinations when planning out your schedule to be sure you are allowing enough time between destinations. 

How We Plan Our Trips

{Horseback riding in Iceland}

After you have your itinerary set, make any necessary reservations and pre-purchase any tickets. I also like to follow the places I know we are planning to go on social media. This way I can start to look for special exhibits I want to be sure to check out, or what the popular dishes at a restaurant are so I can make a mental note ahead of time for what I want to be sure to order. 


-Ash xx

How We Plan Our Trips


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