Improve Your Iphone Photography | Update

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Hey Y’all!

Thanks so much for following along with us on our photography journey. Before we went to Norway I finished my CreativeLive Class, Using Your Apple® iPhone® 7/7 Plus for Great Photos. The class was extremely helpful, and I learned so much. One of the main things I was excited to learn, was how to take great pictures in low light. Julia Kelleher, the author of the class, took us through several ways to lighten up those pictures. I was so surprised about some of the hidden features on the Iphone 7 Plus! You can adjust the lighting on your phone before you even take the picture. If you want to learn how, head on over to CreativeLive, and use our 20% discount code to download this class or one of their 1,500 classes across a variety of topics. Just use the code ISHARE20 at checkout. This offer expires 5/31/2017.

Improve Your iPhone Photography | Update


One of the other features I couldn’t wait to play with was portrait mode. Norway was the PERFECT backdrop to use portrait. It honestly made my job so much easier. The natural lighting was awesome, and the fjord’s made for an incredible photo. This feature on the phone makes it easy to take pictures because it tells you where to stand ie; if you need to move closer or farther away to take the picture. This picture that I took of Ashley in portrait mode is one of my favorites from the trip!

Improve Your iPhone Photography | Update

Improve Your iPhone Photography | Update

Another thing I really appreciated from this class was that Julia took the time to explain some of the technical terms about photography and your phone. We learned about autofocus, megapixels, flash, and some of the video capabilities that the Iphone 7 and 7 Plus can do. This class has totally changed my photography game for the better!

We are so excited to be a part of this class, and truly want y’all to participate with us. If you use our code and take the class with us, send us your photos that you have used your new skills on and you will get the chance for it to be posted on our Instagram to over 7,500 followers. Use the hashtags #CreativeLive and #ATBPhotos to be considered.

Have Fun, and be creative!

-Shelbs xx


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