Living Fearlessly and Accomplishing Your Dreams

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Living Fearlessly and Accomplishing Your Dreams

Self-doubt is something that most people deal with on a daily basis. It can be something as simple as choosing the breakfast you want to eat, to something completely life changing. No one is 100% confident in every decision that they make. Of course that is something we strive for, but that’s not realistic at all. By making little changes in your life you can start that journey of ridding yourself of self-doubt and gaining that much wanted confidence. Sometimes these thoughts and ideas just come to me and I have to get them out in writing, so I thought we could have a little chat today about what we can implement to instill confidence in ourselves to live the lives we always dreamed about. 

Loving yourself is one of the first steps to confidence. I have always been kind of in the middle of this. I never hated myself, I never really put myself down or saw myself as less than others. On the other hand I never really loved myself either. I was always just like ehh I’m just okay. Now, what kind of life and attitude is that? As I’ve gotten older I have really learned about how unique I am. I started looking at myself from an outsider’s perspective and started seeing that I’m f*cking great! Our differences are what makes us all beautiful and special. When you realize how great you are you really get a boost in confidence. You have to love yourself and put yourself first. 

Living Fearlessly and Accomplishing Your Dreams
Living Fearlessly and Accomplishing Your Dreams

Doing things that scare you is another way to build up your confidence and accomplishing the things that you want. I practiced this a lot when I was going through my really bad period of anxiety. Every time I was able to do things like go to the grocery store, go to the movie theater, or even brunch with my girls I would applaud myself when I made it through. It sounds kind of cheesy, but those tiny little victories made such a difference in my life. Even though my anxiety is not as present as it used to be, I still implement things that scare me so that I can keep growing. As much as I LOVE traveling, sometimes my anxiety reels it’s ugly head. If it happens before a trip I start to implement in my mind that I am so lucky to even have an opportunity to travel, and that when my anxiety is gone I would really regret not going and experiencing it. 

Build up your tribe. The people you surround yourself with can really change your mood, your outlook, and even the way you treat yourself. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a relationship that doesn’t bring you joy. You want your friends and peers to inspire you. Don’t continue to put up with someone who is negative all the time. You will never believe how much their attitude can really affect yours. 

I used to think that I lived my life pretty fearlessly, but in actuality I was just taking very well thought out calculated risks. I am a chronic overthinker (hello anxiety) and even though it seemed like I was doing all of these things without really thinking about them it was the complete opposite! It’s one of my goals of 2018 to do something every month that scares me. I think I am strong and confident enough to be able to do it!

Is anyone interested in a list of what exactly those things would be? Maybe we can help each other with our lists and keep each other accountable! Let me know if you are interested! In the meantime our Shop The Looks page is always updated, so make sure you look there if you want to shop our outfits! 

-Shelbs xx

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