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Messy Fishtail Braid HairstylesAs much as I love having long hair, sometimes all I want to do is toss it up into a high bun on the top of my head. As an alternative, I have come up with this much more fashionable style that keeps your hair out of your face.

Messy Fishtail Braid HairstylesStart off by doing a regular fishtail braid. Split your hair in two sections. Pull a 1/2-inch section of hair from the right section and add it to the left section. Repeat with a piece from the left section, adding it to the right section. Halfway down the braid pull out a 1/2 inch section and leave it out of the braid. Continue fishtail until you get to the end and secure with a clear elastic band.

When you get to the bottom twist that 1/2 inch section around the entire braid and then secure with another clear elastic band. Pull and scrunch on the sides of the braid a bit to loosen it up. Pull a couple pieces down in the front to frame your face and then voila! Messy fishtail braid!

Messy fishtail Braid HairstylesLet us know if you try this out! It’s quick, easy, and a great way to try something new with your hair.

Shelby xx


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