Our Favorite Health And Wellness Tools

To Help You Keep Your Workouts On Track

Our Favorite Health And Wellness Tools

Full disclosure, we’re not hitting our fitness goals this yet this year. And you know what, that’s ok. I think the biggest factor in health and wellness is to do what you can, and to not be hard on yourself when doing what you can is just walking to Whole Foods and carrying your groceries heavy groceries (likely due to a couple boxes of La Croix) home. Most days lately I haven’t been closing all of my rings on my Apple watch. There have been a few days that I’ve decided it is just simply too cold outside to possibly consider walking a couple of blocks to the gym. Sometimes we just need a little motivation. Are you more likely to hit the gym if you have a cute work out outfit you feel good in? What about an easier way to track your heart rate and burned calories? Or headphones that don’t get tangled up in the elliptical machine? We’re sharing our favorite health and wellness tools to help you keep your workouts on track!

Our Favorite Health And Wellness Tools

1. Cut Out Back Workout Top – Cute workout gear is one of my number one motivators to get to the gym. The cross back cut out detail on this top is the definition of serious in the front, party in the back! 

2. Apple Watch – Shelby and I have both had ours for a couple of years now. As a fitness tool, it’s really great! Of course there are other options in the market if your primary goal is just a fitness tool, but we love that this watch takes that a step further, syncing with our iPhones, and doing so much more than tracking calories and our heart rates. Barely a day goes by that it isn’t on our wrists. 

3. Pink Marble Yoga Mat – Taking a yoga class, either at the gym or at home (we love the Yoga Studio app) is one of our go to ways to exercise. Side note- exercise is one of those words that I NEVER spell right on the first try. Anyone else? Anyways…. Bringing your own yoga mat to class is a must in my book, who wants to put your hands and face all over a gross mat that 1,000 other humans have sweated all over? Pick a mat that shows off your personality and makes you happy to roll it out for your yoga practice. My current mat is plain grey, which is actually a pretty good reflection of me, ha ha. 

4. High Rise Compression Leggings – Old Navy’s activewear is among our favorite. Not only is it reasonably priced and often on sale, it is a really good quality and washes and wears very easily. I tend to keep it pretty safe with mostly various versions of black work out leggings, but this floral print is pretty cute! 

5. Glass Water Bottle – I’m one of those people who has to have water nearby at all times when I’m working out. I love this bottle because it’s really easy to grab a quick drink mid-work out without having to stop and fumble with unscrewing a lid.

6. Collagen Peptides – Collagen supports the growth of healthy-looking hair and nails while diminishing the appearance of aging and fatigue, but beyond that, it’s something we’ve incorporated into our wellness routine this month to help heal our guts. To learn more about this you can watch this video

7. Nike Sneakers – We are pretty loyal to Nike when it comes to sneakers. I like a shoe that is mostly black so it doesn’t clash with any colors/prints I might be wearing in my workout outfits. I’ve been looking for a new pair, and have my eye on these!

8. Wireless Headphones – Like an apple watch, wireless headphones are one of those things that you think you don’t need, until you try them and really how much easier they make your life. You don’t have to worry about being tethered to your phone if you like to listen to music during your workout. 

9. Stone Diffuser – We’ve talked about our love for diffusers and essential oils before, but it really is such an integral part of our wellness routines. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve diffused a calming oil blend when I’m feeling stressed and find myself way more relaxed and productive. 


What are your favorite health and wellness tools? What inspires you to hit the gym? We’d love to know!


Our Favorite Health And Wellness Tools

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