Recent Amazon Purchases

Because Amazon Has Literally Everything

Recent Amazon Purchases

I don’t know about you guys, but I would estimate that about 75% of what Shelbs and I purchase comes from Amazon. It’s just so easy! They have literally everything, and most of them time it’s at your house in 2 days. Living in NYC, it’s usually less as there are many things we’ve ordered that arrive same day. We get everything from Amazon- toilet paper, paper towels, batteries, snacks, skincare, pillows, picture frames, coffee, and of course books! I always love seeing what people purchase on Amazon, so I thought I would share some of our recent Amazon purchases! 

We’ve created this page for you guys on Amazon which serves as our own little mini shop. I’ve added things we’ve recently purchased for you guys to see and purchase yourself if you want. I haven’t added the terribly boring stuff like toilet paper and the Draino we bought last week, ha ha, but if it’s a semi-exciting item that we’ve purchased, liked, and would recommend, I’ve added it to our little shop

Recent Amazon Purchases

I ordered this book forever ago and it’s been backordered, but it finally arrived yesterday! I’m so excited to spend some time flipping through it this week!

Recent Amazon Purchases

Now that Shelby and I are back to a plant based diet, I ordered this cookbook from the chef of one of our favorite NYC restaurants as well as this one for some new recipe inspiration. 

At the start of the new year, I decided it was time to refresh a few home items, so I ordered this pillow set and this new towel

Recent Amazon Purchases

If you’ve ever seen one of our What We Ate In A Day videos than you know that we have two coffee makers- a Keriug and a Nespresso machine. I’ve been favoring the Nespresso lately, so I ordered some more coffee capsules to replenish our stash. But during January we were on a tea kick, and we ordered this tea bag storage along with some of this tea which is my favorite right now. 

What are YOUR favorite Amazon purchases? We’d love it if you shared! Post the links in the comments below!


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