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Have you all enjoyed these gift guides so far? Today is the last day, but certainly not the least. We are sharing our travel essentials that are perfect for your friends and family who have a case of wanderlust.

Ted Baker suitcase


You can’t go on a trip without the perfect suitcase. This Ted Baker case is trendy and is easy to spot when picking up from baggage claim.

Longchamp Bag

The best carry on bag is a Longchamp bag. You don’t want to know the amount of stuff I can fit in there. Any constant traveler will agree.

Portable Charger

You can’t go on a trip without a portable charger. With every app we use while traveling your phone can die quickly.

Travel WalletA travel wallet is perfect for holding all of the documents you need whilst traveling. If you travel often this Kate Spade one is the perfect gift for you.

Bobble Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle is an absolute necessary product when you are traveling. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I use mine.

Passport Cover

If you are traveling overseas, a cover is the perfect thing to dress your passport up.

Luggage Tag

A personalized luggage tag is perfect to help you keep track of your bag when you are traveling.

Phone Case

It’s pretty important that you protect your phone when you are traveling(I have dropped mine so many times,so take it from a pro). A cute phone case shows your personality.

Cambridge Satchel


Every time I go on a long haul trip I bring my Cambridge Satchel. They are big enough that you can fit everything you need, but small enough that you are not hauling around a big bag all day during your adventures.

Eye Mask


On a long haul flight your skin dries out and your eyes can feel very tired. The perfect thing to do right before you land is to use these eye masks to brighten up your skin.

Frends Headphones


Don’t go on a trip without headphones. Period. End of story.

Beats Pill

If you are going away for a bit a portable speaker is perfect to play your tunes on for all of your friends to hear.

Blue Avocado


These Blue Avocado clear bags are amazing for bringing your liquids onto a plane.

Well, that’s all folks! Which gift guide was your favorite!? Let us know in the comments below. We hope we have given you some Holiday shopping inspiration.

-Shelby xx


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