Well, Fuck

United States of America

Well, fuck. 

We had a different post planned today. But like on this day, due to the outcome of yesterday’s election, we are opting instead to document our thoughts as we wake up to the news that Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States of America.

Shocked. Saddened. Disbelief. Terror. Denial. Disappointment. Nauseous. Numb. Scared. Anger. Horrified. Confused. Shaken. Insulted. Gutted. 

These are just a few of the emotions we’re simultaneously experiencing. 

We have never woken up a day in our lives genuinely terrified to live in America. Even in the days surrounding 9/11. Today, we woke up, had a few blissful moments of calm and serenity, then opened our eyes and remembered. Remembered the fact that somehow we live in a country where half of the citizens cast their vote for a man who does not, and will never, have our respect. A man who won by spreading hate. Today, we are terrified to be American. Terrified of what this means for the future we’ve planned for ourselves. Terrified of how vulnerable this makes us as a country. Terrified of the racism and sexism that more clearly than ever have a hold over the majority of our nation. 

Today our country has failed us. 

Where do we go from here? We don’t know. 

We are the UNITED States of America. And right now, we are nowhere close to united. 

We’ll leave you with this video in the hopes of making these terrifying feelings soften a bit. Perhaps the answer is puppies? 

*Cue Oprah* *”You get a puppy, you get a puppy, and you get a puppy”*

-Ash and Shelbs xx


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