5 New Health and Wellness Things We’re Doing This Month

It’s Time To Get Back On Track

5 New Health and Wellness Things We're Doing This Month


Happy New Year everyone! A fresh start is always an exciting feeling, and I thought it would be fun to share 5 new health and wellness things we’re doing this month!

Eating Meat 

If you’ve watched any of our what we ate in a day videos, then you know that we don’t normally eat meat. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 10 years now and Shelby eats a mostly vegetarian diet with a little chicken thrown in there from time to time (mostly when we’re eating out). Due to health reasons, which I won’t get into the specifics on in this post, we are temporarily incorporating meat back into our diets this month. 

5 New Health and Wellness Things We're Doing This Month

Cutting Out Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Alcohol and Coffee! 

Along the same health reasons as I mentioned above, we are basically eating a stricter version of the Paleo diet (the AIP protocol). It is an anti-inflammatory diet which will help to reset our guts and get our health back on track. I feel like this part will be much harder for Shelby than it will be for me, ha ha, but no coffee is a HUGE bummer. Luckily, we can still have tea, so I’m not going completely insane. 

5 New Health and Wellness Things We're Doing This Month

Incorporating supplements 

This is something I’ve been very bad at in the past. I feel like up to this point I ate a pretty healthy and balanced diet, so I’ve never really seen the point of supplements. And also, there are just so many different ones! Where do you even start? But this year I decided I would give them a try to see if they made me feel any different. After doing a little research, I decided to try Care/Of for a couple of different reasons. I like how you answer a few questions about your diet and lifestyle on their website and they recommend what supplements would be good for you based on your answers. They are also very transparent about where they source their supplements from and I love the individual daily packs your supplements come in. I’ve been taking them a couple of weeks now, and I’ll report back after some more time has passed to let you know what I think. FYI this is not sponsored, and I paid for my supplements myself. 

5 New Health and Wellness Things We're Doing This Month

Recommitting to the Gym 

I actually started this last month, after taking a couple of months off post surgery, but I plan on maintaining it. Right now my plan is to hit the gym 3x a week for the next couple of months and work up from there. What we both want to do more of is incorporate more workout classes into our routine. What are your favorite ones to do? We’ve tried yoga and pilates so far. 

Taking time for self-care every day

Mental health is just as important as physical health! Everyone has different mental health needs, but for me taking some time for myself each day is very important, and not something I do on a consistent basis. Some things I’d like to incorporate daily are meditation, diffusing essential oils, reading a book, taking a walk by myself, journaling, or enjoying a long relaxing bath. 

The List | Issue 5

So now it’s your turn! Share in the comments what new health and wellness things you are doing this month, and we’ll keep each other accountable!



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